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Valeria Fioretta – Gynepraio

Nome: Valeria Fioretta
Social: @gynepraio
Followers: 46.4k

Valeria Fioretta lives in Turin and since 2013 has been writing her personal blog Gynepraio in which she talks about the things that interest her most: people, feelings and culture. After 15 years in the marketing department of companies in the food, cosmetics, wellness and design sectors, since 2019 she has been freelancing and working as a consultant, trainer and author of books and podcasts. Alongside these activities, she works as a creator, favouring brands or institutions that she appreciates and whose values she shares.

  • Gynepraio x Intesa Sanpaolo

    This reel has been realised in collaboration with Intesa San Paolo to easily approach the topic of family economy and savings, dispelling myths and monitoring their movements.

  • Gynepraio x Abbonamento Musei Piemonte

    Discover Aosta in the company of Abbonamento Musei: the card that allows free and unlimited admission for one year to dozens of museums and exhibitions in Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta and Lombardy.

  • Gynepraio x Blackie Edizioni

    Blackie Editions offers for the first time a kids' holiday notebook with games of observation and cunning, trivia and general culture.