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At mm studio we manage talent in an organic and interconnected way. Our role is not only to coordinate the relationship with brands, but also to support talents in the development of their personal projects. Talent Management has become an integral part of our business and we believe it is the best tool to create authentic and engaging collaborations that are always tailored to maximise the value of brands and their products.

The talents we manage deal with different topics: from fashion to fitness, from food to beauty.


Nome: Giulia Torelli
Followers: 224k
Born in Parma on 13 November 1987, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. If one wanted to describe Giulia in a single concept it would be closet organiser, but the truth is that Giulia is an explosion of energy that cannot be reduced to a single activity. In 2009 she founded her blog rockandfiocc where she tells her life story and gives advice on fashion, beauty, books, cinema and much more.


Nome: Valeria Fioretta
Social: @gynepraio
Followers: 46.4k
Valeria Fioretta lives in Turin and since 2013 has been writing her personal blog Gynepraio in which she talks about the things that interest her most: people, feelings and culture. After 15 years in the marketing department of companies in the food, cosmetics, wellness and design sectors, since 2019 she has been freelancing and working as a consultant, trainer and author of books and podcasts. Alongside these activities, she works as a creator, favouring brands or institutions that she appreciates and whose values she shares.
  • Gynepraio x Intesa Sanpaolo

    This reel has been realised in collaboration with Intesa San Paolo to easily approach the topic of family economy and savings, dispelling myths and monitoring their movements.

  • Gynepraio x Abbonamento Musei Piemonte

    Discover Aosta in the company of Abbonamento Musei: the card that allows free and unlimited admission for one year to dozens of museums and exhibitions in Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta and Lombardy.

  • Gynepraio x Blackie Edizioni

    Blackie Editions offers for the first time a kids' holiday notebook with games of observation and cunning, trivia and general culture.

Sara Compagni – PDP Postura Da Paura

Nome: Sara Compagni
Followers: 156k
Paladin of movement is what Sara Compagni likes to call herself. A wellness specialist, in life she deals with health and sports in order to give strength, balance and flexibility to women’s bodies. Posture from Fear is the online site where Sara offers professional programs for working out at home as well as offering psychological insights to start loving sports while having fun.

La Ghey

Nome: La Ghey
Social: @la.ghey
Followers: 131k
La Ghey is the Instagram page that mocks the habits and obsessions of the typical Generation X Milanese. The space tells about an imaginary figure in whom, thanks to the use of the third person singular, anyone can identify with: in fact, the community is very close-knit and participates in the creative process with continuous interactions and food for thought.
  • La Ghey per DoDo

    DoDo colours Porta Venezia together with La ghey, to celebrate Pride month 2023 by bringing the well-known claims of equality and freedom by La ghey to Milano Porta Venezia metro station.

  • La Ghey chez La Torre

    La Ghey x Torre Christmas Dinner, at the Fondazione Prada restaurant. The private dinner was hosted at the restaurant's chef's table, an exclusive and private room that hosted guests in a suggestive atmosphere.

  • La Ghey per Fornasetti

    Breakfast organized in collaboration with the design brand Fornasetti, at the Milano store on Corso Venezia. At this event, it was possible to discover Fornasetti panettoni packaged in the iconic box decorated by the atelier.

Marzia Peragine

Nome: Marzia Peragine
Followers: 32.4k
After working as a freelance stylist for 10 years, she specialized in Beauty Content Creator in Condénast and in 2018 she opened, a real container of fashion, beauty, travel and streetstyle. She has a penchant for social especially in the Fashion&Beauty sector: in each creative content she recreates the atmosphere of the editorial narrative taking care of every detail that best enhances the product/service and the meaning that the customer requires of the same.

I Trentenni

Nome: i trentenni
Social: @itrentenni
Followers: 129k
Three friends, six hands and a generation to talk about. I Trentenni is a project created to give voice to all the stories of this generation. Born as a blog community in 2013, it immediately became a reference point for the generation that grew up in the 1990s, achieving success with sketch comedies on Youtube. Today they are also involved in content creation for brands.

Giorgia Turco

Nome: Giorgia Turco
Social: @giorgibop
Followers: 18.2k
Giorgia, 27, Scorpio cusp Libra, after completing a medical degree decided to change her path and devote herself to what until then had only been a great passion: social media. Her activity takes place mainly on her profile giorgibop where she tells about her discoveries in beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
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