mm studio

Voodoo 10° anniversary, Fondazione Sassetti

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the independent jewelry brand Voodoo Jewels, we held a cocktail party at the Fondazione Sassetti in Milan followed by a placée dinner to which influencers and journalists were invited. At the same time, we presented the Voodoo 10 collection and set up a photo exhibition of streetstyle shots whose […]

Instax, Creativity is in the air

“Creativity is in the air” was the theme of the event curated for the launch of the new instax Mini Link 2 printer, where inflatables in the shape of a pink flamingo, a pool full of balls and a catering of purple sandwiches generated a beach party among the skyscrapers of Milan. Creativity, happiness and […]

Fujifilm Studio Art Gallery

A contemporary, white, aseptic art gallery dotted with glass cases in which printers and cameras are displayed like priceless jewels. The latest Fujifilm and Instax launch event organized by mm studio was a simple, large white space where the two brands coexisted separately enclosed in two huge boxes of colored plexiglass. Two different worlds communicating […]

Influencer experiences

The experiences we organized for the premium clothing brand Duvetica are all coherent with each other and in most cases tell the story of one of the brand’s fundamental pillars: the sports lifestyle. In relation to the concept of the collection to be promoted from time to time, all experiences always included a moment of […]

“Ciao Arcade”

Ciao Arcade” is a fashion video game launched by Duvetica to promote the FW 21-22 collection. We organized a guerrilla projection of the game’s teaser videos on some walls in downtown Milan illuminating the night with their hypnotic fluo-pop colors. The operation attracted great attention from both the public and the press, making it a […]

Agee scouted by Lil Milan launch

In April 2022, we launched Agee scouted by Lil Milan, a vintage gold and gemstone jewelry brand, a spin off of the Lil Milan brand, a longtime client of mm Studio. To mark the occasion, we held a cocktail party with influencers and press. Passage catering offered the concept of champagne and chips, and the […]

Boystears Tram

We proposed to our jewelry client Lil Milan a branding campaign focused on its most iconic product: Boys Tears. A shiny, golden Boys Tears streetcar lit up the central streets of Milan for a week. The line chosen was 1, the most central and elegant, with an iconic retro look. Through digital pr activities we […]

Barberino’s x Peaky Blinders

To promote the Barberino’s barber shop chain’s new collection, Barberino x Peaky Blinders, on the occasion of the release of the latest season of the Netflix series, we devised a flash mob with costumed actors handing out specially created newspapers in which a keyword related to the series was hidden. The keyword became a discount […]

Tanto di cappellino campaign

A project designed to warm the spirits, and more. To amplify our client innocent’s “Tanto di Cappellino” campaign, we organized a guerrilla marketing activity for which we replicated the campaign’s woolen caps in a maxi version and used them to dress up the street bunting in a high-visibility area of Milan, Pta Genova – Navigli. […]

Special Opening Guerrilla

To promote and communicate the opening of The Garden, an exclusive studio specialized in the Gyrotonic and Yoga method in Piazza 5 Giornate in Milan, we created a guerrilla through Greengraffiti® paintings, placed in strategic points of the city. The graffiti featured the pay-off of the concept and a reference to the wellness reality’s instagram […]