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Ahu Studio @ Alcova 2023

During Alcova 2023, Ahu Studio, a design duo founded by Eda and Mevce, exhibited a selection of one-of-a-kind pieces from their new range in an unexpected setting full of historical significance. Their objects entered into an active relationship with the context of the abandoned Porta Vittoria slaughterhouse in which they were displayed. The new series of Tepsi objects, born from the sculptural elements of their furniture, was a continuation of the Modern Heirlooms collection. To create a bridge between beauty and functionality, the segments of the pieces were formed by different masters and then assembled into a single piece, conveying the different knowledge and techniques of each craftsman. During the exhibition, we had the opportunity to introduce the designers and objects to several industry and non-industry journalists and various notable personalities in the design industry.

Work: Production – Press office – Digital PR