mm studio

Central Station Pop up and lunch

On the occasion of the opening of the indie beauty brand espressoh’s pop up store in Milan’s Central Station, we organized a lunch with journalists and influencers from the industry. The choice of location was L’Immorale, a nearby restaurant consistent with the brand’s communication and aesthetic imagery. The table setting was made with products and elements of the brand. There was a make-up station where guests could try the products with the help of selected make-up artists. Through media relations and digital pr activities we narrated and documented the whole thing on various social platforms and profiles and in national online and offline newspapers.

Birthday Party

To celebrate Espressoh’s 2nd anniversary, a party was organised in the pop-up that the brand rented for the weekend where products were presented in the form of cakes. Trays with eyeshadows and blushes, a white tablecloth with the hand-embroidered claim “Do you wanna coffee with me?” and a birthday cake with lipsticks instead of candles. A Marie Antoinette-style soiree in which between a glass of prosecco and a pastry the guests tested products through a make-up service.