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Progetto EROC @ Davines Village

To strengthen the Davines community by enhancing its activities of transparency, sustainability and resposibility towards environmental protection, we invited a dozen talent/content creators to visit Davines Village, the company’s almost entirely energy self-sufficient headquarters in Parma, Italy. The focus of the experience was to delve into the role of EROC-the regenerative organic farming field owned by Davines in which the ingredients behind their products are grown, followed by lunch in the company’s enchanting secret garden. To cap off the day, the influencers involved in the experience had the opportunity to test Davines products firsthand, either through a short lecture on their preparation and composition or through treatments designed specifically for the needs of their hair.

Davines & Sea Sheperd

On the occasion of the Davines hair-care brand’s campaign Let’s Protect the Sea, we designed an experience in collaboration with the nonprofit organization active in protecting the seas Sea Sheperd. The guests, selected journalists and content creators, were involved in the activity of recovering some ghostnets – nets abandoned on the seabed – off the Ligurian coast. This activity provided a concrete narrative of the brand’s environmental commitment and produced extensive coverage both digital and in traditional media.

Grow Beautiful Campaign

“Grow Beautiful is the first global socio-environmental campaign to take climate action through the preservation of biodiversity and regenerative organic farming, and it is for this occasion that Davines has launched a limited edition tote bag in certified rain-fed cotton grown by the Khond, members of an indigenous tribe that has been farming for centuries.
This bag was the starting point for the creators involved in the activity to deepen the theme of the campaign and raise awareness among their community to support the planet with the main aim of integrating beauty and regenerative organic farming (known as ROC). “

Christmas campaign

In December, Davines launched its advent calenadar; a Christmas box made up of 12 boxes with the brand’s best sellers inside in a mini size format perfect for accompanying customers during the festive period. To promote this project, we involved a roster of creators who, with a fun and engaging storytelling, created a reel to engage their communities and lead them to purchase.