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We manage talent to create, together with brands, authentic and engaging collaborations which are always tailor-made.

  • Tailor-made approach
  • Continuous engagement with the talent to evaluate projects and ideas
  • Management of relations with the press and brands outside the studio
  • Attention to the talent community
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Name: Giulia Torelli Social: @rockandfiocc Followers: 177k

Born in Parma on November 13th 1987, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, Giulia Torelli discovered her passion for organizing objects when she was still in school.

If you had to describe Giulia in a single concept it would be closet organizer, but the truth is that Giulia is an explosion of energy and cannot be reduced to a single activity.

In 2009 she founded her blog rockandfiocc where she writes about her life and gives advice on fashion, beauty, books, cinema and much more.
On Instagram she has a very devoted community with whom she shares her life and misadventures, with the spontaneity of a lifelong friend a social click away.

Giulia’s projects


Name: Valeria Fioretta Social: @gynepraio Followers: 33,6k

Valeria Fioretta lives in Turin and since 2013 she writes the personal blog Gynepraio in which she talks about the things that interest her most: people, feelings and culture.

After 15 years in the marketing department of companies in the food, cosmetics, wellness, design sector, since 2019 she is freelance and works as a consultant, trainer and author.

She published the novel "If you want it" (Piemme, 2018), which also became an audiobook and the manual "From the blog" (Zandegù, 2020).

She wrote and hosted for Storytel the podcast "Honest Parents", whose second season will be released in early 2022.
In addition to these activities, she works as a creator, privileging brands or institutions that she appreciates and whose values she shares.

Valeria’s projects

Fondazione Vodafone

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Postura da paura

Name: Sara Compagni Social: @sara.postura.da.paura Followers: 149k

Crusader of movement is how Sara Compagni loves to define herself.

A wellness specialist, in life she deals with health and sports and it is through movement that she loves to give strength, balance and flexibility to women's bodies. is the online site where Sara proposes professional programs to train at home, as well as offering psychological insights to begin to love sports while having fun.

After the success of the book with the same name, Sara never stops taking care of her community on her Instagram page where she offers motivational advice and 360° support.

Sara’s projects

A Milano Puoi

Name: Francesca Noè Social: @rockandfiocc Followers: 68.3k

A Milano puoi is a digital project aimed at enhancing the Milanese territory. Founded in 2016 by Francesca Noè, it now counts on an editorial staff of 12 people and a weekly update of the web magazine on transversal themes that revolve around the best of Milan - from restaurants to stores to services, passing through a lifestyle section with a focus on small realities, craftsmanship, Made in Italy and sustainability. The storytelling continues and expands with a more personal touch on the Instagram page, where Francesca shares and talks about her daily life in Milan.

Francesca’s projects

Visit her blog here

American Express

For two years in a row A Milano Puoi has been the testimonial in Milan for the Shop Small campaign, in order to enhance the small businesses in Milan

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Il Viaggiator Goloso

Launch of the saffron panettone in support of the Milan Cathedral and Christmas campaign

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Too Good To Go

Awareness campaign against food waste

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Storytelling for Nivea about the initiative that involved the planting of 3000 square meters in the Ticino Park, as a symbol of Nivea’s commitment in terms of sustainability

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